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IM-Esports is an electronic sports camp. The largest European camps have world-class athletes. It is currently available in Europe, America, Asia, and Australia in many affiliated companies.

IM-Esports is a legal registered esports betting service provider. In Europe and Asia, it is accredited by many world-class institutions. Many gamblers bet with this camp.

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Who is IM-Esports

IM-Esports was founded in Europe in 2015, later in 2016, perfected the software system. and was able to expand the service to the world successfully in 2018

IM-Esports is currently the world’s leading esports betting market. A large number of world-class IM-Esports athletes join this camp. and behind the success of many IM-Esports competitions

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Games That are IM-Esports Top 10

These 10 Games are The Most Popular IM-Esports Bets in Singapore

1. LOL

LOL (League of Legends) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style game born in 2009 by US game developer Riot Games.

This game is inspired by the DOTA (Warcraft III mod) released in 2009 when the trend for MOBA games was on the rise. until becoming the most played game

In 2014, LOL set a record for having the most monthly active users at 67 million or 27 million per day and became the most streamed game on Youtube and Twitch in the world.


FIFA is a collection of soccer games. The most popular all over the world And it’s the number one selling game in many countries because it’s a game designed to be played as a system. and the environment has been one of the best games.

Superstar players and football battles between world-famous teams are crammed onto the TV screen. let us choose to play Choose to force as you like. and is now called FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 is a game that can fully enter the modern console era because the visuals and internal systems have been developed to the full potential of modern gaming machines.


PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of the most popular survival games today. and some develop their skills to the professional level

In the game, we will have to survive. Out of 100 players on a huge map that will compress the area. Keep coming in until finally, we can be the last player or team.

The fun of this game is that the winner doesn’t have to shoot as many people as possible. But being the ultimate survivor might mean hiding in places like the bathroom or the sea until near the end of the game.

4. DOTA 2

DOTA is considered the father of the MOBA (house hit game) genre and is the birthplace of LOL, the #1 most popular game in esports betting right now.

Formerly called Defense of the Ancients, it’s just a mod that puts Warcraft III heroes against each other on a small map. It wasn’t until Valve finally developed it into a standalone game.

Nowadays, this game is very popular. And there is also the second version of the DOTA 2 series where many global gamers compete and bet with them all over the world.


Valiant is a tactical shooter that combines CSGO and Overwatch. It’s a 5 V 5 battle between 2 teams, and most importantly, it’s free to play.

The developer of this game, Riot Games (the same developer as League of Legends), also has a remarkable story. worth following as well

This game is very popular. And of course, there are many world-class esports pros to compete with. to entertain us as fans and gamblers


CS or Counter-Strike is the largest FPS game in the world. who believe that all of us should have tried to play, not any version It’s the only version and the latest is this version CSGO.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest CS game developed by Valve (the same company that developed DOTA) and is one of the most-watched esports games.

This game is easy, anyone who sees it is easy to understand. It is a first-person shooter (FPS) where warriors from two teams will shoot each other. until all other players are dead. or complete missions at the base

7. OW

Overwatch is a mix of FPS and MOBA that has been out for a while. But it has gained worldwide popularity and is currently one of the most-watched games in IM-Esports for a long time.

OW was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. (The same camp that developed the Warcraft and Starcraft series) has become the largest game in the world for years.

Today, the game has over 40 million players and has become the most popular esports where the Overwatch League was born. which is already the biggest league in the esports industry.


AOV / ROV is a very popular mobile MOBA game in Singapore. In 2016 it had 50 million daily players and later in 2017, it became the highest-grossing game in the world.

The name of this game varies from country to country. In China it is called 王者荣耀 Taiwan 传说对决 South Korea Penta Storm, in Europe AOV and Singapore, we call it ROV or Realm of Valor.

The gameplay is similar to a regular MOBA but moves faster. Easy to purchase items and much more makes AOV / ROV a comfortable game to play. Suitable for playing on mobile


StarCraft II is the birthplace of esports. And is a game that is popular all over the world. It is an RTS game where players have to build an army. to aim to destroy the other party’s base completely

Developed by Blizzard (the same company that developed the OverWatch series), the leading developer of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games from the original Warcraft series.

SCII is the second release of the StarCraft game series that has been in service since 1998. Released in 2010 and free-to-play since 2017, it’s still popular today.

10. KOG

KOG (King of Glory) is a MOBA game for mobile that SG people may not be familiar with. But it is very popular in the Chinese IM-Esports market and few SG people are betting on this game.

This game known as LOK (League Of King) is developed by Tencent. Overall, it is very similar to AOV/ROV because it is the prototype of the game.

Originally KOG was developed with LOL as a model, but let’s play on mobile, RoV was developed later. which borrows the names and images of the characters but makes them look more international